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Excellence of Shanghai Doreliance electromagnetic induction heating roll

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Excellence of Shanghai Doreliance electromagnetic induction heating roll

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1.       High energy efficiency, percent conversion from electricity to heat is above 95%, saving 60% more than thermal oil and steam roller.

2.       Good homogeneity difference of roller effective surface is only ±1’C

3.       High temperature controlling accuracy accuracy of temperature controlling is ±0.5’C

4.       Heating rate only 25 min from room temperature to 200’C

5.       High working temperature working temperature of the roller surface can be 400’C, meet the demand of high temperature producing.

6.       Fast heat compensation PLC controlling, continuously heat compensation, no temperature dropping

7.       Environmental friendly all electrification controlling, no oil pollution, clean producing condition

8.       Safety no leakage of thermal oil, avoid the fire under the high temperature condition, multiple safety protection of the circuit to ensure the safe producing.

9.       Easy to operate human-computer interface, visualized operation without maintenance

10.   Remote control RS485,232 communication interface, remote control monitor available

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