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Electromagnetic induction rolling heating roller

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Electromagnetic induction rolling heating roller

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  • Release date:2014/10/27
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1) dimensionΦ 200~1500mm ×L600~2800mm  

2) working temperature100350

3)rotation rate150m/min  

4) linear pressure:≤1500KN/m  

5) Different specification will be customized according to customers requirements

 products characters

1) the temperature can be adjusted among the range of designed temperature, meet the demand of calendering process under 350’C 

2)Good homogeneity of the roller surface temperature, difference in temperature ≤±1

3) roller surface can bear large linear pressure

4) High hardness in roller surface, high concentricity and high run-out.

Application area:

  Embossing, polishing, tape-casting and composite of solar photovoltaic industry, electronic pole piece, battery pole piece, metal paillon, optical film tape-casting, auto glass, plastic and rubber, specialty paper and other industries.

This kind of electromagnetic induction heating roll is used most in the calendering process of solar battery board, metal sheet, plastic products, rubber products, auto glass, aluminum-plastic sheet, thus can avoid the situation that slow heat transmission and thermal oil leakage by thermal oil heating roller, which can lower the production cost and take great effect in saving energy.

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